Windows Nightly Build r18676 Crashes on Start

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Feb 18 10:44:15 EST 2010

Did I understand correctly: The nightly build doesn't start because of  
"libpng14-14.dll not found"? This is understandable because of my  
recent commit r18664 which  
updated several of the dependcy version numbers.

This may also have changed the resulting installer file size. No need  
to read any tea leaves here.

However, this change in dependencies was incomplete - the previously  
installed older dependencies are still being used for building the  
resulting nightly build, but the DLLs are the newer ones. One of the  
developers with build server access needs to log into the win32  
machine and remove the old dependencies, but currently I didn't have  
the opportunity to do so (and I won't have any time for this before  
the weekend). Hence, the current nightly build might very well have  
problems to be run until someone with build server access will clean  
this up. But that's why the nightly builds are only this - nightly  
builds. No further guarantees for anything.

Technicalities: libpng14-14.dll is required by several other binary  
DLLs; depends.exe mentions libgdk_pixbug-2.0-0.dll and libcairo-2.dll;  
however, the currently selected only  
contains the file libpng12-0.dll. The server also  
contains which contains libpng14-14.dll, the  
file in question here. Obviously it was a wrong decision by myself not  
to upgrade to the very latest version of libpng (the new major version  
scared me away) and this is what needs to be fixed.

In the future, please refrain from email subject lines using the word  
"dead" for common error occurrences like these. Please use wording  
like these only for really serious issues, but not for the  
notification about an unsuccessful nightly build, because that's what  
the nightly build intentionally is for. In any case, thank you for the  



Zitat von Kim Wood <kim.wood at>:
> As with a recent build, the latest nightly windows build
> gnucash-2.3.10-svn-r18676-setup.exe (76Mb) crashes on start up - error
> message "libpng14-14.dll not found".  The 2.3.10 nightly build
> (gnucash-2.3.10-setup.exe) (74Mb) runs fine.  As stated in a recent previous
> post to this forum, the size of the windows build may provide a clue, as
> nightly build gnucash-r18664-svn-setup.exe (76Mb) fails at startup with the
> same error.
> Regards,
> Kim Wood
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