[Bug 609583] Postgresql backend loses data

Donald Allen donaldcallen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 09:11:31 EST 2010

Phil --

As I promised in my email to you yesterday, I tried 2.3.10 this
morning, since my previous testing that led to filing the bug report
(609583) we've been discussing (and one other) was with 2.3.8.

As with 2.3.8, I built 2.3.10 from source (I'm running this on an Arch
Linux system with 2.2.9 installed via pacman), installed in
/usr/local. I deleted the .gnucash directory from the home directory
of my test account, as well as the .gnome* directories and some other
stuff that was left over from my previous testing with 2.3.8. I copied
my gnucash file to /tmp. When I bring up 2.3.10 and get past the
new-user stuff, I opened /tmp/Finances. It gives me the normal
indication that it is reading the file and then just reverts to the
previous blank window. No display of the chart of accounts, nothing.
This is a step backward from 2.3.8, where I was able to get much
further, displaying accounts normally, and then saving to either
postgresql or sqlite3, where I observed the truncation issue we've
been discussing.


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