[Bug 609583] Postgresql backend loses data

Donald Allen donaldcallen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 23:53:16 EST 2010

Geert wrote:

Aside from the bug you are trying to analyse...

You can try to add a new account window (which is not the same as creating a
new book), via menu View->New Accounts Page.

If this shows your existing account data, there is another bug in 2.3.10
regarding the accounts page not showing up automatically.

My response:

I tried View->New Accounts Page as you suggested and yes, the existing
account data shows up.  I then tried a 'Save As' and found that the
file dialog didn't include the new xml vs. database choice. This made
me realize that I'd built 2.3.10, forgetting to pass --enable-dbi to
configure. So I rebuilt it from scratch and now the issue with failing
to show at least the chart of accounts is gone -- it now works
correctly. So only the default configuration (without the database
support) exhibits the incorrect behavior. Doing a 'Save As'  sqlite3
and then restarting gnucash produces the same truncation behavior
described in bug 609583, which is not surprising, since I saw nothing
in the 2.3.9 or 2.3.10 release notes about this issue having been
fixed (I first observed it in 2.3.8).

BTW, I renamed Bug 609583 to "Database backend loses data", because
after I entered the bug, I did the same test with sqlite3 and observed
the same truncation behavior I saw with postgresql. So the issue
described in that bug appears to be above the database-specific code.


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