More files for .gitignore?

Jeff Kletsky gnucash at
Tue Feb 23 16:22:25 EST 2010

On 2/23/2010 12:29 PM, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010 schrieb Jeff Kletsky:
>> Any good reason not to add these to .gitignore?
> No good reason. Thanks for sending the patch (though I've added them in the
> alphanumeric sorting order).
> I think many developers have a separate build directory anyway, which means
> those files are not built in src/bin/gnucash-gdb but in build-foo-bar-yadda-
> yadda/src/bin/gnucash-gdb etc.

Greatly appreciated!

It's been a while since I've done this kind of development, so thanks 
also for the pointer of changing the build directory. I'll look into how 
to do that.


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