r18717 - gnucash/trunk/src - Add some experimental CMakeLists.txt

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at gmx.de
Thu Feb 25 05:19:45 EST 2010


On Donnerstag 25 Februar 2010, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Off-topic: Why I think cmake is better than autotools:

There are two points which prevented me from switching my own projects to 
cmake a few years ago:
- no cross-compile support
- no support for convenience libraries

The most important point was the latter one: With the autotools I can have 
multiple convenience libraries and reference them in other parts of the 
project. With cmake I had to write the names of all source files into the 
toplevel CMakeList which is quite uncomfortable with bigger projects...

Do those points still apply? AFAIK at least cross-compiling should work now (I 
believe since 2.6)?


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