Editing GnuCash source with Eclipse

Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 10:59:55 EST 2010

I chatted a few nights ago with someone (Geert?) on irc about
recommended environments for tinkering with GnuCash source,
specifically the scheme report code and some things I want to
experiment with regarding menus.

Geert recommended trying Eclipse but I had some trouble (as a very
casual programmer) getting the environment working. Yesterday I made
some progress, so I wanted to share. I had already found an existing
wiki page (linked from nowhere in the wiki but indexed by Google) so I
added a section with my hints about making it work in Ubuntu (and
presumably Debian)...


Sadly, the Eclipse editor isn't quite as good as gedit for
code-highlighting of .scm files, but it's not terrible. I'm probably
missing a lot, though, being a raw beginner. Does Eclipse do
code-folding when it knows how? Is that even possible for Scheme? Can
it create jumps to notable places in the code to jump around easier?

I haven't even started looking at the C sources... I also haven't
played with the svn integration...

... if anyone else is interested please reply here or use that wiki
page (and/or its talk page) to share suggestions. Thanks!

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