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Thu Feb 18 01:58:27 EST 2010

This is too late to help you in this situation, but I'll give you the
standard backup lecture. If you do *anything* with a computer that
involves writing files containing information that you care about,
that you would be unhappy to lose, then you *must* back up your system
regularly (you should not accumulate un-backed-up information that you
would be unwilling to lose). Hardware fails, software fails, things go
wrong. It doesn't happen often, and so people develop a false sense of
security and don't bother with backups. But when Murphy turns his
attention on you (and if you read his Law, you will note that he will
try to do so at the worst possible time) you be happy you foiled him
by being conscientious about backups. Hard drives in USB shoeboxes are
dirt cheap these days, or USB flash drives can serve as the backup
medium, depending on your space requirements, so there's just no
excuse, financial or otherwise, for not doing this. I don't use
Windows much and, fortunately, I have no experience with Vista, but I
use Acronis for Windows backups (it gives you a process for making a
bootable CD, which is what I've done, because I don't like running
backup software on top of the very system I'm backing up -- I want the
backup-ee to be complete quiescent).

/Don Allen

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