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Thu Feb 18 01:58:27 EST 2010

Moreover, it would seem to me that context-sensitive help should be bundled with the app--not set up as a separate install altogether. I do not know what it would take to get the context help integrated directly in the program.

Because I am on a Mac, *none* of the help works from the application, and I have taken to just dredging the online docs when I run into problems.


--- On Thu, 5/27/10, Frank H. Ellenberger <f.ellenberger at> wrote:

> From: Frank H. Ellenberger <f.ellenberger at>
> Subject: Re: Why Two sets of Documentation?
> To: "David T." <sunfish62 at>
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> Date: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 2:01 PM
> Hi David,
> Am Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010 um 20:36:17 schrieb David T.:
> > Could someone explain why there are the two documents,
> and would it be
> > advisable to combine them into one set of
> documentation?
> IIRC the guide should contain a tutorial and introduce the
> concepts of 
> GnuCash, while help contains primary the context sensitive
> help texts.
> So I assume, they should stay separate, but probably there
> should be more 
> links between them.
> BTW, is there anybody currently active maintaining the
> docs?
> Frank


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