customizing reports in Python (was Re: [PATCH] invoice creation with python-bindings and value of stability patch)

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Thu Jul 8 03:20:23 EDT 2010

On Fri, 18 Jun 2010 12:31:53 -0500
>>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Jenkins <mark at> wrote:

Mark> Hi to all again,

Hello Mark,

Mark> Attached is patch,
Mark> python_bindings_business_invoice_support_and_examples.patch that
Mark> enhances the python bindings to include support for creating,
Mark> posting, and paying invoices.

I've just posted question to gnucash-user list about the possibility
to use python-bindings for tweaking/creating Gnucash invoices/reports
led by Derek's statement that: "You could, however, write a standalone
python report.  Or indeed you could write any standalone python app to
read or  manipulate gnucash data."

Considering there was a longish thread recently on gnucash-users
("Report customization nightmare") it seems that not everybody is
utterly happy to hack in Guile in order to customize reprots/invoices.

Otoh, I believe that using Python and some of its templating languages
might provide more comfortable solution for
end-users/non-programmers/designers to tweak Gnucash reports
*externally* .

The question is how much infrastructure is provided by python-bindings
and what is missing so that Gnucash can have nice customization
features via python & some templating language?


p.s. Maybe there could be interest for some bounty or to fund this
development which would certainly make Gnucashe much more appealing to
wider audience?


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