using gnucash to track inventory

conurus conurus at
Sat Jul 10 00:44:22 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I have been using gnucash to run a small business over the last few years  
and to track inventory. There is this rather well known trick which is to  
create a commodity to represent a certain kind of merchandise. Now when I  
run any kind of transaction report it will sum up and give a total for  
each commodity in the system. When I talk to my accountant, well they  
don't care about the individual inventory items but as always just want  
the credits and the debits to be balanced. Now, using Common Report  
Currency option is problematic because it is always using the price you  
set in Price Editor and when that does not match the price of a  
transaction the report will not be able to balance and will not sum up to  

I added an option to transaction.scm which adds an option "Use transaction  
currency for totals" which solves this problem. By always using the price  
for each buy or sell transaction there is never an imbalance (because each  
transaction is balanced and their sum is also balanced). If the option is  
not set it behaves like before which sums up each individual commodity  
separately. I think this option can be very useful for other people in the  
same situation (running a small business and wanting credits and debits to  
balance more than anything) so is there an opportunity to contribute this  
back to the community and what are the rules and the procedures? Thank you  
very much. The code is now on top of 2.2.9 but I could port to the trunk  
line if I know where it is.
Bo-Ming Tong

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