Cannot import gnucash svn to

Tao Wang dancefire at
Sun Jul 11 14:01:42 EDT 2010

Hi, Christian,

Oh, I didn't realize this can cause a problem. Thank you. I filed a question
about it at launchpad. Hope they can fix it.

2010/7/12 Christian Stimming <stimming at>

> Am Saturday 10 July 2010 schrieb Tao Wang:
> > I found the code of gnucash,,
> > stopped import to since 2010-03-25. I retried it today,
> and
> > it has same error as before:
> >
> > Failure: twisted.internet.error.TimeoutError: User timeout caused
> > connection failure.
> >
> > It stopped at the changeset 18959, which is a large changeset for line
> > ending. Is it the same link problem as before? Could you fix it? Thanks.
> I don't think the pure size of the changeset is a problem here. Our largest
> changesets are the translation merges and the diff is easily beyond some
> MB,
> but your revision here isn't a problem of size.
> However, I've noticed before some problems when trying to import the SVN
> history into some other VCS like git if and only if the SVN commit was only
> doing some svn:eol-style property changes. In some conversions svn -> git I
> rather skipped those single commits, because in git due to its config
> setting
> I didn't need the eol-style property anyway. Maybe this is the source of
> the
> problem here.
> Regards,
> Christian


Tao Wang

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