Derek's grand European Adventure, 2010

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jul 13 16:32:44 EDT 2010

Hi GnuCashers,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be in Europe for a few
weeks in July/August spending some holiday time and also attending the
IETF.  My Itinerary takes me to the following places:

Netherlands:  Amsterdam, Maastricht
Belgium:      Brussels
France:       Reims, Troyes, Beaune, Paris

If anyone wants to try to meet up (maybe for a beer?) please let me


PS: I've set replies to return to me directly instead of to the lists.
PPS: I will have a phone, with a UK number, but at this point I neither
     have the phone nor the number.  But I should have Internet access
     enroute to coordinate.
PPPS: I'm on holiday with my fiancée so I might not have full leave to
      make plans at any time.  If we cannot meet up please do not take
      it personally.

       Derek Atkins, SB '93 MIT EE, SM '95 MIT Media Laboratory
       Member, MIT Student Information Processing Board  (SIPB)
       URL:    PP-ASEL-IA     N1NWH
       warlord at MIT.EDU                        PGP key available

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