Should we begin to update the version info in the code/help to 2.4.0?

Tao Wang dancefire at
Fri Jul 16 02:33:30 EDT 2010


In many place(code/help/translations/welcome), the version information is
still 2.2.x. Since it's 2.3.x now and toward 2.4.0, and it's very close to
2.4. Should we begin to do this kind of modification? They don't have a
centralized location, and it is easily missing some place. If we begin to
modify it now, and use the rest day before 2.4 release for checking the
missing part, it's more likely we convert all version info at the time 2.4.0

I'm not talking about the version info in, which should only be
modified at the new version released.


Tao Wang

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