Documentation patching process

Thomas Bullock tbullock at
Wed Jul 28 14:57:54 EDT 2010

Thanks for the encouragement.  I will attempt it when I have something that I know works.


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On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 6:50 AM, Thomas Bullock <tbullock at> wrote:
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> P.S.: Whatever you decide to do I think an explicit procedure should
> go in the wiki and/or the source files so we can point people to it.
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> When that is ready, I will need someone to put it on the appropriate wiki, since I don't know anything about creating or modifying same.  If you want to volunteer, I will be glad for your participation, but no pressure from me if you cannot.

I will be happy to help when I can. The wiki is open to editing by
anyone so feel free to log in and make whatever changes you want. Wiki
markup is pretty straightforward. (I hesitate to say the wiki markup
is simpler than XML or vice versa... just different.)

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