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Mike Evans mikee at
Thu Jul 29 05:44:47 EDT 2010

On Thursday July 29 2010 10:11:37 Marcus Wolschon wrote:
> 2010/7/29 Fabrice Estiévenart <fabrisss at>:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm still unable to unzip the file. I tried gunzip or tar xzf. My zip
> > file is possibly corrupted but each time I try to create a new one with
> > GnuCash I get the same error (in french 'Une erreur s'est produite lors
> > de l'extraction des fichiers.').
> It should be a plain XML-file or a gzipped xml-file.
> No tar, no (pk)zip.
> > When I save my account file in GnuCash, which extension do I have to use
> > ?
> no file-extension at all.
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Although an extension is not required for gnucash, gunzip will complain if the 
file doesn't have .gz extension.  Try renaming your file with a .gz extension 
then gunzipping it.


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