Submitting Bulgarian GnuCash translation

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Jul 29 16:13:15 EDT 2010

Am Monday 26 July 2010 schrieb Александър Шопов:
> Hello everyone,
> I am Alexander Shopov - the coordinator of the Bulgarian Gnome
> translation team.
> I am submitting the first version of the Bulgarian GnuCash translation -
> po-file and glossary.
> The translation was done by Rosi Dimova <pocu at>
> Please instruct me if there are some difficulties accepting the file.

Thank you very much! Your bg.po file and the glossary has been committed to 
our SVN so that it will be in the next release (unstable 2.3.15, stable 
2.4.0). Thanks a lot!

The wiki page (in case you haven't 
found it yourself) explains a bit more about our translations. Your 
translation team should decide whether you want to submit your translations 
directly by e-mail to this list, or through the Translation Project (TP). Both 
work fine for us, and both have certain advantages. If you stick to submitting 
by e-mail here, this is fine as well.

Thank you for your contribution!


Christian Stimming

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