[patch suggestion] Bug #631922 - Default QIF transaction status

Tristan Faujour tristan.faujour at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 18:12:58 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I created bug #631922 (a small enhancement request) and I would like
to suggest a patch.

Here is the description of my request:
My bank allows downloading bank statement files in the QIF format.
They only contain paid transactions, but there is no status ("C")
line, so all transactions are left in the "not cleared" status.
I wish it would be possible to define the default status in user
preferences (instead of having to clear each transaction manually).

This is my first contribution, so it should be taken with all due prudence.

Here is a description of the patch:
- Add a radio button in the "Online banking" preference screen to let
the user chose the default QIF status:
- Describe the new gconf item:
- Read this item and pass it to the "qif_to_gnc" function:
- Use preference value: src/import-export/qif-import/qif-to-gnc.scm

It tested this patch against SVN head (rev 19648) with a linux OS
(Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64).

Let me know if I can improve something.

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