A Start for 2.4 Documentation

Thomas Bullock tbullock at nd.edu
Thu Oct 14 13:40:34 EDT 2010


Thanks for  clarifying your effort and for answering my questions. 

> > 1.  Does this mean you will translate your German into English?
> >
> No it doesn't, at least at the moment.
> My priority is to produce a complete German version of the guide, since
> it seems to me, that there has never been a complete German translation
> of the existing English text. This is still a lot of work to do.
> I'm also not a native English speaker. But I'm interested in an
> exchange and cooperation with anybody, who writes an English version.
I am glad to cooperate with you.  It would be disastrous to give different messages
In different languages.

> > 2.  Do your revisions support both 2.2.9 and 2.4 or have the methods
> of 2.2.9 been changed so that only 2.4 is shown?
> My goal is to write for version 2.4.  Most of the differences between
> the two versions that I am aware of, are extensions of 2.2.9, rather
> than changes (the SQL backends, CSV import, some new preferences).
> In my understanding the term 'change' could only be applied to the file
> naming issue. I try to explain the differences between 2.2.9 and 2.4.
> Do you have anything specific in mind?

No,  I do not have anything specific.  I have the general experience of encountering in many places statements that specify which version a change applies to.  Since the English is 3 years out of date (at least in some places), I realize there is a big job to bring it all to a timely description.  The only trouble is that there are many users who have not upgraded to 2.2.9 as far as I know.  So I have to be guided by what the developers think is appropriate.  I expect that making the manuals consistent with 2.2.9 would leave only the need to upgrade to 2.4.  I am waiting for their input on this.

> > Tom
> Juergen

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