Doubled documentation

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Fri Oct 15 08:31:35 EDT 2010

On Friday 15 October 2010, Yawar Amin wrote:
> On 2010-10-15, at 07:57, Cristian Marchi wrote:
> > […]
> > I would like to open a bug to track this change (and the others that will
> > be discovered of the same type) if you agree with it. Or is better to
> > track the modifications in a wiki page? I'm available to work on this
> > issue.
> Sounds good to me. A bug feels more ‘right’. Either way, let’s get this
>  started.
> Regards,
> Yawar
Yes, that is a good idea. +1 from me.

Since you recently spent the effort to rewrite the preferences section in the 
concepts guide, you should of course move your new section to the help manual.

As for tracking such issues, I'm fine with either, although I tend to monitor 
bugzilla more than the wiki.


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