GC Concept Guide Review

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Fri Oct 15 17:48:29 EDT 2010

Dear Cristian,

> From: Cristian Marchi [mailto:cri79 at libero.it]
> Sent: Friday, October 15, 2010 8:17 AM
> To: Thomas Bullock
> Cc: gnucash-devel gnucash
> Subject: Re: GC Concept Guide Review
> Thanks for the file. Really usefull and complete. It is perfect for a wiki
> page. (I will surely follow the bugzilla section because I'm not familiar
> with it) I've also managed to get a po file where I merged the C locale
> guide to the it_IT locale. In this way I'm able to use a po file to track
> changes between the two in an easy way and the translation process is a
> lot better.

Do you really try to translate the guide (or help) documents by converting 
them from xml to a po file, then back to xml? IMHO this sounds like a not-so-
optimal approach, simply because your translated document will very often be 
significantly different from the original document (e.g. different paragraphs 
or section grouping). A translation of a text document and in particular one 
about the country-specific issues like accounting does not have to stick to 
the original document on a sentence-by-sentence basis. IMHO the po file is 
only meaningful if you intend to do a sentence-by-sentence translation, but 
for the text documents this would limit your potential for a good translation. 
Which experience did you encounter so far with po file and text documents?

Thanks for all contributions!



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