Getting 2.4 Released - Yes!

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Oct 17 04:33:37 EDT 2010

Am Saturday 16 October 2010 schrieb John Ralls:
> > This isn't the criterion for the upcoming 2.4.0 release. Instead, the
> > "milestone" is the criterion. See:
> Ah, a new Bugzilla trick! Thanks!
> I'd say that we (meaning all of the deve) need to change our priorities to
> getting these four bugs (plus the make check failure Juergen just
> mentioned) fixed. SQL backends is supposed to be the headline feature for
> 2.4, so I think that we should make a concerted effort to wring out at
> least sqlite so that it's part of the release.

Alternatively, we can admit to ourselves there isn't too big of a point to 
have the SQL backends as headline feature, and then we're almost done.

> The one that looks like it's fixed is
>, which comes up third
> when I follow your link above. If it's actually fixed, why not downgrade
> it to "normal" and turn off the milestone?

It is not fixed. The last comment (now second-last comment) referred to one 
single suggestion in the discussion, but not the bug in itself.



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