Wiki Page Formatting

Thomas Bullock tbullock at
Tue Oct 19 14:46:11 EDT 2010

Hi Geert,

Maybe this message should not be on this list, since it is not strictly GC related.  But it is a tool that GC relies on, so tell me your preference.

Here's the question:  I have looked at Mediawiki ( for help.  In the process I found the reference link which is very helpful and shows where you found your tips in your previous email.  However, I have not found instruction how to set a column boundary thereby forcing line wrapping.  Another way would be to activate a multiple column  feature if there is one.

Either of those would permit shorter lines, making it easier to read the page.  I can read the same information in 2 or 3 columns more easily than if it is in the present form.

Any suggestions?



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