Is this bug list possible

Thomas Bullock tbullock at
Mon Oct 25 10:26:35 EDT 2010

Hi Geert,

> Yes, you can do so with a little bugzilla foo.
> To start: type cc:<your-bugzilla-account> into the search field, for
> example
> cc:peter.pan at
> (This is by the way a shortcut for going to seach, choose advanced
> search,
> checking "a CC list member" under "Email addresses and Bug numbers"
> and enter
> your e-mail address in the field just below that checkbox.)

My Bugzilla account is my userid, not an email address.  I enter that into the search field <cc:tbullock>, press Search, and get a page that says Search Results.  It says No Page Text matches.  On that page there is a list of check boxes with the default being Main.  These are options to search in Name spaces.  There is no names space option of selecting a "CC list member", and there is no option of "Email addresses and Bug numbers".  Somehow I got to a wrong page.

I get the same results when I use my email address <cc:tbullock at>.

Below the name space option check boxes there is a search box to enter parameters and also an Advanced Search button to push.  The search box is prefilled with the original search argument and pushing the Advanced Search button returns to the same page with the same "no page text matches" message.

When I first login, the page presented is this one:  It is on this page that I enter the search argument.  Is this where I should be?



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