[Bug 628745] guide: What's New section is outdated

Thomas Bullock tbullock at nd.edu
Wed Oct 27 08:41:23 EDT 2010

Hi Yawar, Christian, and others,

Responding to the issues raised below:

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> OK-thanks! This will definitely make it easier for me to track and
> resolve the documentation bugs.

Sounds good to me too.  I have placed myself on all the documentation bugs (current list of 25 as of this writing).  Currently, I don't regard myself as sufficiently knowledgeable to take an existing bug and run with it.  However, by learning about the issues in the bug write-up I gradually get more in tune with issues - current or old.

> > in case you would like to add more developers, feel free to insert
> their usernames into "Default QA" or "Default CC List". (Tom isn't
> noted as gnucash developer in gnucash so far, but I can add this if
> asked for.)
> I think Tom is working on getting comfortable with the patch
> creation/submission/review process, and version control. 

Correct.  Having had my first patch processed, I realize there is still much to assimilate, but it is happening.

We should ask
> him about joining the team when he feels comfortable. But in the
> meantime:
> Tom, should I add you to the default CC list for documentation bugs,
> meaning you would always get an email whenever someone opened a new
> documentation bug, or made changes to existing ones?

Having added myself already, I have received all changes being made.  E.G. bug 628745.  I see that once it is marked resolved/fixed it is removed from the list of open bugs.  As long as new ones get added there, then the list will keep me current with what is happening.

I feel that I would like to be added to the list of developers as a junior member.  Since all that I prepare is subject to the review of experienced developers and I also have no commit ability, the integrity of trunk and branch(es) should be protected from accidentally introducing errors.
Do you all agree?
Also, FYI, I am working on ch_basics.xml now that Cristian Marchi has relinquished it.  I find it contains statements that need to be rephrased, existing treatments expanded, and also some concepts should be added to the introduction of the user to basic accounting ideas.  I think they need to be added in this section. Later on, if found elsewhere in other chapters, they can be removed there and the reader referred to the treatment in this section.  Doing this provides one place for the user to go to in order to get information about basic accounting concepts.  This seems to be consistent with Cristian Marchi's idea of removing unnecessary duplications, whether in the same or different manuals.

> Regards,
> Yawar


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