problem with help text xml

J. Alex Aycinena alex.aycinena at
Thu Oct 28 14:17:56 EDT 2010


On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 11:19 PM, Cristian Marchi <cri79 at> wrote:
> I cannot reproduce the problem in my pc. Could you please run this command
> in your help/C/ folder and paste here the output:
> xmllint --valid --noout Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml
> Maybe you don't have locally this new added file?
> Regards
> Cristian

I tested this on another machine and got the same problem.

There is no Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml file in the install 'help/C/'
folder. The 'svn update' added this file to my build directory, but
the 'make install' command doesn't put it into the install location.

Perhaps you should try a fresh install to a new location to see if
that reproduces the problem on your machine?


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