GSOC 2011 Idea : Business Integration with Cutecash

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Apr 2 15:09:22 EDT 2011

Dear Samir,

thank you for your interest in working with gnucash in the GSoC 2011 program. 
Your idea sounds interesting. As a first step, we suggest you should checkout 
the gnucash sources from SVN  and build it yourself (on some Linux/Unix 
computer), see - did you already do 
this? This isn't clear from your message.

Also please follow the instructions on our wiki page because 
that's why we gave the instructions.

As I said, your idea in general sounds interesting. However, for a promising 
application you will have to add some more explanation about your actual goal, 
such as GUI mockups or similar. Also, you said:

> Another motivation behind developing in Cutecash is that it can 
> be built in MS Windows platform.

But this statement is a bit weird, as the normal gnucash *can* already be 
built on the MS Windows platform, just as cutecash can. The only difference is 
that cutecash can potentially be built and developed also by the Microsoft 
Visual Studio compiler, which gnucash can't. But you've hopefully also seen 
the warnings on the wiki page: It does compile (to be more precise: It did 
compile last summer) and it does start, but it does not do the file operations 
correctly, i.e. you cannot open or save files due to some technical issues 
which I was too lazy to resolve.

> Please let me know if its an acceptable idea.

Yes, the idea is acceptable. But in order to hand in a good application, 
you've got to do some more work on your idea. Thanks!



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