GnuCash Business Integration

Haifeng Zhang haifengz.suny at
Fri Apr 8 13:10:51 EDT 2011

Dear Mentors,
I'd like to talk with you the project named "GnuCash Business Integration".
I know it's been later to do this. However, I just knew the Google Summer
Code yesterday.
Since,I've been searching for such a project for a long time,I won't miss
such a good opportunity to improve myself.

As a graduate student in Computer Science, I feel very comfortable with
C/C++. So far, I’ve finished several projects using C++ STL and OOP under
different OSs. Moreover, I have basic knowledge of PHP, Java in web
programming. Particularly, I have a B.S in Economy and two years work
experience in a big commercial bank, in China, as a transaction (cash &
non-cash) and ATM administrator. In USA, I used to be a cashier. Because of
bi-backgrounds, I’m very interested to participate in your project.

Haifeng Zhang

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