Windows: what version of aqbanking

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Apr 10 17:24:06 EDT 2011

On Apr 10, 2011, at 1:10 PM, Phil Longstaff wrote:

> I will package up webkit/gtk 1.2.7 built against gtk+ 2.24.  This should
> allow you to move to aqbanking 5.  It is also the last stable gtk+ 2.X
> before 3.X, and the instructions re porting to GTK3 say you should
> ensure your code works with 2.24 first.

I've been running Gnucash with 2.24 since January, and the 2.4.4 bundle included it.

What I haven't tried is "DISABLE_DEPRECATED", because I know it will fail until we've excised all of the old libgnomeui stuff... which I think Geert is working on when he has time. That needs to work before we can try Gtk3.

John Ralls

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