Using Standard (Valid) HTML Code According to

Joshua Moore moorevineyard at
Mon Apr 11 10:04:34 EDT 2011

I saw bug 616608 ( while browsing Bugzilla.

"Generated HTML file is not conform to HTML standard."

"You can validate the generated file by 
It will show several conformation problems. Conform to standard will enhance
the compatibility with various browser."

Would this be useful?  Does anyone know how much of a problem it is?  Is it a low priority for the main developers?

I ask because I think it could be within my capabilities to fix (even if it takes me a long time), and it may help me learn more about the report system, in general.

I'm not a software developer, but I'm familiar with "Valid HTML" and I'm getting good at tinkering with various reports that I use.

I guess I'm really asking if anyone else is working on this or if anyone is likely to work on it.

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