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Fri Apr 15 09:19:39 EDT 2011

Yes, it does mean just changing the xy_DIR variable.  We could handle downstream 
libraries by adding a "HAVE_NEW_xy" variable to each section of the build 
script.  A downstream library just needs to check whether it is there or any of 
its upstream libraries HAVE_NEW_xy is "true" and then rebuild.

Turns out it was the file which had the hard coded path.  I am 
rebuilding using the vanilla paths and will re-release the library this evening 
or this weekend.

I used to be a hypochondriac AND a kleptomaniac. So I took something for it.

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Zitat von Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at>:

> Actually, it doesn't build.  If you look earlier in the log, there are link
> problems.  The problem, I think, is that I've switched to adding the version
> number to directory names (/c/soft/libxslt-1.2.3 rather than /c/soft/libxslt).
> The webkit package pkgconfig file specifies linking with
> /c/soft/libxslt-1.1.22/lib/ which it can't find.
> I prefer the explicit directory naming because I can tell just by looking at 
> directory what version it contains.  I think it makes configuration control
> better.

Sure, no problem. Doesn't just mean you should change the xy_DIR variable in as well, so that the build sever will expect libxslt in the 
versioned directory name as well? That way, the old directory will simply be 
ignored... Oh, this might still not yet work - all subsequent ("downstream") 
library will have to be rebuilt as well.

> I think I can rebuild the webkit package using vanilla directory names.  It 
> take a day or so to do.  I suppose it might be possible to hack^H^H^H^Hedit 
> pkgconfig file to change the directory names.

Changing the pkgconfig files is perfectly fine! After all, the path names in 
there represent just the build directory layout, so it is completely correct to 
edit the files so that they match the dir layout on where they are used.



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