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Fri Apr 22 17:52:50 EDT 2011


On Freitag 22 April 2011, Brad Grupczynski wrote:
> Thanks. Missed that link. That's the style I like anyway. I was looking at
> aqbanking code...

So? There are only about two styles in the AqBanking family: I'm using FTE as 
"IDE" (actually, it is just a lightweight text editor with the ability to run 
shell commands like "make"), and it has a style called "GNU". This style uses 
2 spaces instead of TAB, keeps opening brackets on the same line as the 
introducing instruction etc.
The other style is the one Christian uses, which I believe is something like 
the one used with Gnucash. 

I'm not really dogmatic about coding style, but I always use the same one 
(thanks to FTE and its auto-indent feature).


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