Fresh build of jhbuild and gnucash on OSX

Brad Grupczynski brad.gnucash at
Fri Apr 22 23:03:13 EDT 2011

On Apr 22, 2011, at 3:56 PM, John Ralls wrote:

> Yes, that's right, though when I'm working on something, I'll just start a jhbuild shell and cd to the working directory, where I can work normally. (i.e, svn up, ./, ./configure, make, make install, etc.).

Do I need to be in the jhbuild shell? I assume it's needed to act as though it was being build from jhbuild directly.

I saw this when I built with jhbuild:
./ && ./configure --prefix /Users/gnucash/gnucash-stable --libdir '/Users/gnucash/gnucash-stable/lib' --enable-ofx --enable-aqbanking --enable-binreloc --enable-dbi --with-html-engine='webkit' --disable-static

Do I need to add all the options or can I just do "./configure" as you have above? (I've used ./configure as a user during installs but never as a developer.)

Brad Grupczynski
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