win32 trunk daily build still broken

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Apr 23 10:27:00 EDT 2011

The daily win32 build of trunk is still broken. A setup.exe is generated and 
uploaded, but it is stuck on the last day when the build still ran completely 
(which was some day at the beginning of April).

I've been working on getting this running again, as you can guess from my 
recent commits. Eventually the src/html/libgncmod-html DLL built correctly - 
it didn't build correctly for quite some time (missing paths to linker 
libraries, erroneous linker arguments pulled in from etc 
etc). Now at least this part is working.

The current failure is in src/import-export/qif-import :

Creating library file: .libs/libgncmod-qif-import.dll.a.libs/druid-qif-
import.o: In function `gnc_ui_qif_import_druid_destroy':
undefined reference to `gnc_progress_dialog_destroy'
.libs/druid-qif-import.o: In function 
undefined reference to `gnc_progress_dialog_set_primary'
undefined reference to `gnc_progress_dialog_set_secondary'

and some more undefined references, all of symbols that should be in 
src/gnome/ but somehow cannot be found. There haven't been any 
changes in the qif-import/ linker flags, so I have no idea why this 
shows up now.

At least I can reproduce this linker error on the cross-compile build on my 
Linux box, which means I'll probably be able to sort this out sooner or later. 

But for now the win32 trunk build is broken and is stuck at the SVN rev of 
April 3rd. Just don't expect to have a more recent trunk build available on 
our build server...



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