Setup question for the local git repo from github

Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Apr 29 15:35:04 EDT 2011

Dear John,

I'm trying to follow again the advice on
but I'm running into an error message that is not yet mentioned on that page. 
Here are the commands I'm running:

 git clone git://  gnucash-github.git
 cd gnucash-github.git/
 git branch -t master refs/heads/trunk
 git checkout master
 git svn init --stdlayout svn+ssh://

But at this point the "git-update" script results in the following error:

> You asked to pull from the remote 'origin', but did not specify
> a branch. Because this is not the default configured remote
> for your current branch, you must specify a branch on the command line.
> pull --rebase origin: command returned error: 1

This is git- I then tried to run

  git-update trunk

which seemed to give me what I expected. But running the command again will 
still give me the above error message. Only if I run this with the additional 
"trunk" command I'll get what I expected.

What am I missing?



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