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On Feb 5, 2011, at 3:08 PM, Ryan M. Ward wrote:

> How does it communicate with Gnucash? Does it remotely access your computer via a network I assume?
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> > On Feb 5, 2011, at 1:09 PM, Ryan M. Ward wrote:
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> > > Hello All,
> > > I am interested in working on three projects for Gnucash (two for right now, one later), and was wondering if anyone had thoughts or suggestions:
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> > > 1) Implementing a way of storing receipt images (scanned or from a cell phone, etc....) in a database- referenced by transaction (IE from the ledger, you would have the option of looking up the reciept associated with a particular transaction, and/or querying a collection of transactions and collecting all of their associated receipts- my thought here is mainly for income tax purposes- I do not envision GNUCash being a tax preparer, but this database would be nice for this and other purposes)
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> > > 2) Implementing an interface between Android/iPhone applications and Gnucash- at this point I am thinking via PC/USB connection
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> > > 3) Extending the functionality of the budget system (which I very much like) to include more automatic setup for home budget users, credit card payoff plans, etc....
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> > Those are all interesting ideas. I think that there's already an iOS app that communicates with Gnucash, though Apple doesn't let apps use the USB for communicating with a computer; they have to use the network.

Please copy your replies to the list; use either reply-all or, if your mail client supports it, reply-list.

I suppose that you're referring to the iOS app. I don't know much about it, but I know that Gnucash has no network interface built in, so any companion app has to link to our libraries and access the dataset through that interface in C, Scheme, or Python.

John Ralls

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