Future of Gnucash: Most productive platform (programming language and toolkit)?

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Sun Feb 6 15:35:08 EST 2011

On Sun, 2011-02-06 at 13:21 +0100, david.valicek at email.cz wrote:
> Dears Christian, Derek, John, Phil, 
> first of all, let me express congrats to the great job you've done with GnuCash. Its 2.4 release is here thanks to your effort and the skills you've put into the project over the years. I'm really grateful for the thing you've produced ... and I believe many, many users are as well.
> As far as I can observe from the mail discussions, this is a kind of "balance-sheet day" for the gnucash now. You have evaluated the main requirements for gnucash to keep pace (multi-user access among others and an ease-of-development, among others).  I would like to support you with this conclusions.
> But the crucial question is regarding the volunteer's personal itch and readiness to contribute to the future development or spreading among users. 
> Please, let me ask you: where do YOU find your motivation in the GnuCash development? What makes you happy participating in the project? What would you expect from GnuCash? How can GnuCash satisfy yourselves? 

What is my motivation?  I want to make gnucash easier for me to use.
Currently, my main itch is around budgeting and reports, especially the
budget report.

> And:
> Do you feel that there is sufficient power for the next development project? Are developers ready to start working on the next release? What's missing? Is it's aim clear enough? Is it shared? Is it perceived as an wishful and sexy target? What is the experience from previous releases - how did it start? What were the most important factors to start the development project? Is it under process now, or do we stay for sake of lack of anything important?
> I can't code in C (nor in C++). Despite I believe I could do something to help gnucash. Let me foreshadow something based on your responses (I'd like to understand what are the biggest challenges of this project first). 
> I'm a big fan of GnuCash. Thank you again.
> Best regards,
> David Valicek

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