libdbi and its drivers e.g. libdbd-sqlite (was: 3 of 4 tests failed)

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Feb 14 09:56:09 EST 2011

On Feb 13, 2011, at 11:58 PM, Christian Stimming wrote:

> Zitat von John Ralls <jralls at>:
>>>> FAIL: test-dbi-basic
>>>> Using filename: /tmp/test-1nygX3
>>>> Testing sqlite3
>>>> * 15:49:08  WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> Session Error: 3,
>>>> FAILURE First DB Session Creation Failed test-dbi-stuff.c:181
>>>> Executed 1 test. There was 1 failure.
>>>> FAIL: test-dbi
>>>> Using filename: /tmp/test-ghZ0Ht
>>>> Testing sqlite3
>>>> FAILURE TaxTable lists match test-dbi-stuff.c:55
>>>> FAILURE Customer lists match test-dbi-stuff.c:55
>>>> FAILURE Employee lists match test-dbi-stuff.c:55
>>>> You may ignore the warning about the lock file having no entries: We had to
>>>> ignore locking to run two sessions on the same database
>>>> Executed 7 tests. There were 3 failures.
>>>> FAIL: test-dbi-business
>>>> Executed 1 test. All tests passed.
>>>> PASS: test-load-backend
>>>> ==========================================
>>>> 3 of 4 tests failed
>>>> Please report to gnucash-devel at
>>>> ==========================================
>>>> make[6]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
>>>> make[6]: Leaving directory
>>>> `/home/paulvbrown/Downloads/gnucash-2.4.2/src/backend/dbi/test'
>>> Looks like you probably have the libdbi bug (
>> I've looked at the code again, and I think that you don't have any dbi drivers installed rather than that you have the libdbi bug. Error code 3 is "BAD URL", and it's emitted when the required backend can't be initialized.
>> If you don't want to build a SQL backend, just pass --disable-dbi to configure. If you do, then you'll need to troubleshoot a bit to figure out why Gnucash can't find the ones you've built. You may need to export GNC_DBD_DIR with the path to where they are.
> I think I've run into the very same bug. It is caused by having the libdbi-dev package installed, but none of the actual libdbi's database drivers. On Ubuntu, the drivers are called libdbd-mysql [sic!], libdbd-pgsql, and libdbd-sqlite. Installing any of those packages solves the failing "make check".
> [rant] I have to say this is rather unintuitive to find out, at least on the Ubuntu 10.10 I'm using. The package libdbi-dev (libdbi0-dev to be precise) installs fine and gnucash's ./configure --enable-dbi passes just fine, but there isn't any warning or message about the required additional installation of any drivers package. This is mostly a distro bug: The libdbi0 package should at least "recommend" the installation of any of its drivers. Even worse, the package naming of the drivers does not include the string "libdbi"; instead, they are called "libdbd-sqlite", "libdbd-mysql" and so on, see  [/rant]
> Can gnucash add a more clear error message to check whether the expected database driver is actually there? I guess in these tests that would be right here:
>> make[6]: Entering directory
>> `/home/paulvbrown/Downloads/gnucash-2.4.2/src/backend/dbi/test'
>> Using filename: /tmp/test-6BTwdI
>> Testing sqlite3
>> * 15:49:07  WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> Session Error: 3,
>> FAILURE First DB Session Creation Failed test-dbi-stuff.c:181
>> Testing safe save sqlite3

r20298 ;-)

John Ralls

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