No package 'gtkmm-2.4' found

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Feb 17 02:36:57 EST 2011

Zitat von Stephen Brown <stephengrantbrown at>:

> Hi All
> When running under Microsoft Windows Vista I Get
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> checking for GTKMM... configure: error: Package requirements  
> (gtkmm-2.4 >= 2.16)
> No package 'gtkmm-2.4' found

Oops. Obviously my last commit r20310 was erroneous. I added a new  
optional plugin that introduces this "gtkmm" requirement, but I  
intended it to be disabled by default. Somehow I got this wrong and  
you (and also the nightly build) ran into this check, and the new  
requirement (which shouldn't be enabled in the first place) was not  
available, so the build stopped.

I have to investigate this further. Any developer with write access  
can revert r20310 for now, until this is solved.

You can temporarily go back to r20309 until the most recent svn has a  
fix committed for this. Sorry for that.



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