A git mirror for Gnucash's Subversion Repository

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Sat Feb 19 18:33:27 EST 2011

On Feb 18, 2011, at 9:03 PM, John Ralls wrote:

> I'll try again differently tomorrow, but at the moment I wonder if this is going to be automatable.

Well, I started over with a clean git svn mirror and tried pushing/pulling the feature branch all the way through to the svn mirror, then merged with the detached head, switched to the tracking branch, git svn rebased, and pushed, then pulled the result into the original working checkout and into a second "uninvolved" checkout. I did this twice to make sure that the links wouldn't get messed up. They didn't. So the Loeliger method works, but it requires a lot of hand work (creating new feature branches and merging them, then deleting them when no longer needed).

I'll test out the Nicolaisen method next.

John Ralls

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