Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Thu Feb 24 15:59:02 EST 2011

On donderdag 24 februari 2011, Stephen Brown wrote:
> Hi All,
> In /p/soft/packaging/readme there is no instrucrtions on downloading
> gnucash sources via svn.
> How do I go about fixing this?
You mean fixing the readme file ?
- make a copy of the file
- modify it to your likings
- create a unified diff (with the unix command diff -u fileA fileB
- attach the result as a patch to a new bug report in bugzilla

That's the formal way. Since it's a file that is rarely modified and your 
changes are probably fairly straightforward, I would also be ok with it if you 
simply sent the modified file as an attachment to the list. For simple changes 
that works fine as well.

From there me or another dev can commit the file to svn.


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