Next Release - and Documentation release ?

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Fri Jul 1 12:26:23 EDT 2011

On vrijdag 1 juli 2011, John Ralls wrote:
> Are we waiting on something to do this release (or releases, if all the doc
> changes are in svn and ready for release)?
Not as far as I'm concerned, no.

> Geert, you're an admin on the sourceforge project, so while you already
> have release and shell access to upload to frs, even if you didn't you
> could fix it yourself. 652350 seems to be about setting up a formal
> release process. We can do that, but I don't think that's a prerequisite
> for releasing 2.4.7. See the Sourceforge docs on how to use the files page
> (or just go to it; they've made using it pretty obvious.)
I wasn't aware I had become an admin on our sourceforge page.  Indeed in that 
case I could make any changes necessary.

> I've got some errands to run, but if no one objects and no one else has
> done so, I'll update the version numbers, tag the versions, and make dist
> this afternoon. (Three changes, right? Gnucash itself 2.4.7, Gnucash-Docs
> 2.2.2, and Gnucash-Docs 2.4.1?)
Ok for me.

Once the tags are in, I'll try to come up with a news article for the two 
documentation releases, and put the documentation on our website.


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