GnuCash features webpage

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Wed Jul 6 15:06:29 EDT 2011

Il 06/07/2011 21:03, Cristian Marchi ha scritto:
> Il 06/07/2011 20:58, Christian Stimming ha scritto:
>> Am Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011 schrieb Cristian Marchi:
>>> Thanks Christian, I'm checking out the branch right now.
>> Actually I don't see a live website at URL 
>> but
>> instead a 404. Did this work before? I didn't see this.
> I also see a 404. Yesterday it was displaying an old version of the 
> website
I've found out that the problem resides in the missing slash at the end 
of the URL: this works

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