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Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sat Jul 9 05:53:08 EDT 2011

On vrijdag 8 juli 2011, Cristian Marchi wrote:
> In the last couple of days I've made some modifications to the GnuCash
> website. You can see the result in the beta website [1]. In particular
> I've modified the main page and the features page. The latter is not yet
> completed (suggestion for content are welcome!). I ask if someone could
> test this page with a different browser looking for strange behaviors
> (I've only used ff 3.6 and ff 5 and it looks as it should).
> Thanks
> Cristian

Hi Cristian,

I like your improvements, thank you for working on them. The added screenshots 
are very nice.

While looking at it, I have fixed a few small typo's I found.

And since you asked, I have also tried the new layout on another browser (IE7 
on my test Windows XP box). It renders all fine except for two small items:
- The footer shadow seems to be off
- The gnucash icons on the right side of the main feature section headers are 
reduced in size and hence don't display nicely.

I have attached some screenshots to show both problems.

Thanks for working on this !

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