GNC_DOC_INSTALL_DIR and ./configure --docdir

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Jun 5 16:04:24 EDT 2011

Am Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011 schrieb Micha Lenk:
> Hi,
> when I just tried to tweak some details for the recent Debian packages
> for Gnucash, I discovered that the configure option --docdir apparently
> has no effect. A short view into and the files
> revealed that the reason is that GNC_DOC_INSTALL_DIR is set to
> ${pkgdatadir}/doc in, and $docdir is set to
> ${GNC_DOC_INSTALL_DIR} in files. This means an explicitly
> configured $docdir will always get overwritten by a path that is derived
> from $pkgdatadir.
> I think the reason is that the --docdir parameter was added to Autoconf
> in 2.60 (see also the [1]release announcement), so with older Autoconf
> releases the build system needed to define $docdir on its own.
>  1.
> To fix the issue I would like to change the minimal Autoconf requirement
> from 2.59 to 2.60 and initialize GNC_DOC_INSTALL_DIR to ${docdir} (see
> attached patch).
> Does anybody see an issue with this patch?

No issue. For trunk, this can go in. For the 2.4.x branch, I think we rather 
don't touch this area (anymore).

> Would it be sensible to cleanup even more at this occasion and replace
> any usage of GNC_DOC_INSTALL_DIR by $docdir?

Yes (as we're talking about trunk anyway).



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