Welcome to the GnuCash Developer gene pool

GnuCash Admin root at code.gnucash.org
Tue Nov 1 15:41:46 EDT 2011

Welcome to svn.gnucash.org.  You now have an account, mchochlov,
which you can use to access the SVN sources.  You can now access
the sources by:

  $ svn checkout svn+ssh://svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk src-trunk

[or maybe:
  $ svn checkout svn+ssh://mchochlov@svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk src-trunk
if your username is different.]

Please be careful to use the correct username.  If you attempt to ssh
into the server with the wrong username the server will block your IP
address.  If this happens you will not be able to access ssh, the
wiki, or even the gnucash email lists from your current host.  To get
this reset please contact Derek (warlord) via email or IRC.

If you need to update your SSH key you can do so on your own using the
following command. You will need your current SSH key in order to
perform the update:

  cat new_key.pub | ssh mchochlov at svn.gnucash.org update_my_keys

Your mail will also forward from mchochlov at code.gnucash.org
automatically to your personal email, and all commit messages will be
sent to both the -commits and -patches lists for people to see.

Note that the first line of your commit is used as the subject line,
so please remember to use newlines in your commit log messages.  .

If you don't already do so you should attempt to frequent the #gnucash
IRC channel on irc.gnome.org.  We encourage you to hang out, talk with
other developers, and answer user questions.  This is a community, and
we'd like you to be a larger part.

Good Luck, and welcome,

The GnuCash Server Maintainers

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