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jerome romjerome at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 2 10:14:42 EDT 2011


Some new translated sentences, and fixed spacing issues, web pages' translation is now around 92%.

> That was fast!

1. some fr.po files related to gnucash as base for Translation Memory
2. one pass for being consistent on wording
3. review by a french reader

4. for program (checking): local compilation ('msgfmt'), then use as main translation, run GnuCash !

Note, use of 'number' (multiple meaning) will sometimes sound strange, and some plural forms seem to ignore singular form, which is not always "1"!

Specific to french, I guess "transaction and reconcile" should be "opération and rapprochement". I tried to be less intruisive for not disturbing first time's users.


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> That was fast!
> Thank you. The translation is online!
> Regards
> Cristian
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