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Fri Nov 4 22:41:55 EDT 2011

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I haven't used GnuCash for a long period of time, but I've noticed a
particular search behavior that I would like to alter. When you search for
an account to apply to a transaction (i.e. Typing "Cash" in the "Transfer"
column of an account), it only searches by using the "exact" method of
searching. You must barrel through your hierarchy BEFORE you can get to the
specific account you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for
the "Cash" account, in my books this would fall under the "top-level"
account (placeholder) called "Assets". Keep in mind, this is of course
particular to my situation, but note that many other companies would have
some sort of hierarchy setup just like this (MANY times MUCH more complex).
What would be nice is if you could set the "level" at which the
auto-complete searches. So, in this example, if we set search depth level to
"2" that means if we simply type in "Cash" (NOT "Assets:Cash"), we would see
"Assets:Cash" show up in the listing. Notice what's happening. We are
SKIPPING the first hierarchical account called "Assets" so that we can
arrive at the account we need at a much faster pace. Any account PAST this
point is subject to this auto-complete search. As an added note, it might be
a good idea to REMOVE or have the option to remove accounts in the searched
accounts that do NOT match our auto-complete search. As I think about this
as well, we might have a switch to completely "skip" or "ignore"
place-holder accounts. i think this might even be a much better solution.

In short, when you search using auto-complete, completely IGNORE
place-holder accounts. In this way, you can reach your desired account MUCH
faster, and much more effectively. I hope I have made myself clear. If not,
please do reply with your comments or questions. I would be willing to pay
someone to implement this feature, it so imperative in accounting to be able
to complete small tasks quickly so you can focus on the bigger tasks without
the extra "fluff" or work involved in something as small as searching for an
account in your ledger.

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