Git Migration: github with svn access

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Mon Nov 7 14:07:16 EST 2011

On maandag 7 november 2011, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Zitat von Derek Atkins <derek at>:
> >>> We've been using the Github repos pretty successfully for 8 months or
> >>> so now. I think all of the main committers this year (meaning more
> >>> than a commit or so per month ) are using it. Meanwhile, Derek has
> >>> upgraded the servers and moved them to a new location, so there should
> >>> be no technical barrier to switching to git for the main repository.
> >> 
> >> I'd love to see git to be the main repository.
> >> 
> >> Would that mean we drop the svn repo ? The windows automatic build
> >> scripts still depend on svn and won't work with git.
> > 
> > Right now the web site update, docs nightly build script, doxygen nightly
> > build script, and win32 nightly build script all depend on SVN.  All this
> > infrastructure would need to migrate over to git.
> > 
> > Would we continue to host the main git repo on Github?  Or would we keep
> > the main repo on  If the latter, we would need to
> > figure out how to authorize pushing as well.
> My suggestion is to move the main git repo also to a github one, and
> not maintaining our own source code server. My reasons for this is an
> easier administration of adding main commit access, and also a much
> easier handing over of the administration priviledges itself - which
> is currently "hard coded" to Derek as the root account owner on the
> gnucash box.
Ok by me.

> If we decided to move not only to git, but also to github, we'd solve
> most of the build script integration issues: github offers the
> additional feature of accessing its git repos also by a svn client, see
Very interesting. I wasn't aware of this.

> I think only the website set-up needs some more work. All other
> integration only depends on the availability of a svn checkout, which
> would already be there on github.
The website and the mails that get automatically sent to gnucash-patches and 

The mails may not be an issue. Instead of a mailing list, github provides an 
rss feed (on your personal account, based on all the projects you have marked 
for watching). That may be sufficient.

If not, I found that git does provide service hooks upon push, but I'm not 
quite sure which ones could implement what we need: (url only accessible by gnucash 
admins on github)
- The e-mail hook may work as an alternative to the two commit mails we send 
now, although there's not much we can configure.
- The Post-receiveURL hook could possibly be used for the website update 
parts. We would have to provide a post listener somewhere though that can 
trigger the proper actions. While we are setting up such a service, it could 
just as well also be used to send the e-mails instead of the more limited e-
mail hook above.

Other hooks that could potentially be useful, though not required for the 
- Bugzilla hook, which automatically adds comments to bugs if a bug number 
appears in the commit message.
- Trac, interfaces with a trac installation (which we also still have)


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