Nicolae Crisan nicolaefc at
Sat Nov 12 11:35:46 EST 2011

I am 100% on-board this score. Again, finding the "boots on the
ground" to do this is another matter altogether.

An accessible and well documented API is definitely a worth while
venture in my opinion. API's have the effect of not only opening up
other possibilities to the programs reach, but it generally has the
effect of cleaning up other parts of the application that have not
been so heavily developed or carefully attended to.

Question, would this API change affect the portable nature of GnuCash
or would it have absolutely no effect whatsoever? I'm used to working
with languages and libraries that are provided everywhere I'm
programming, so I'm not used to the "portable" aspect of programming.
Most of my work is heavily based on server-side scripting (PHP,
mainly) as well as local client scripting (JS, CSS, HTML, etc.).

In regards to your comment on creating some sort of front-end
web-based architecture ... I have some reservations about this feature
set. While I completely agree that would enhance and extend the reach
of GNC, I would recommend that by default such a feature set be
DISABLED. I know we're talking about stuff way in the future here,
,but just thought I'd point that out.

Hope to see more support for development of an API. As I am pursuing
my Accounting degree at the moment ... I unfortunately cannot partake
in a big way (at least I'll tlel the wife I can't!) right at this
moment. But, if I can get a sense that this community is really behind
this, I'll be more than happy to drop everything and contribute. It's
crazy, I've been an IT professional for over 10 years, and I'm now
pursuing my Accounting degree, what an awsome mix!

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