More Cruft for deletion

Christian Stimming christian at
Mon Nov 14 02:42:05 EST 2011

Dear John,

thanks for looking up those unused functions. In general, I agree  
those should be removed. Have you also checked whether any of those  
are called from the Scheme files (with underscores replaces by  
dashes)? This should be checked as well.

Looking at the details, there are a few functions that I would  
consider useful even though they are unused, such as the equality  

src/engine/gncEntry.c: gncEntryEqual
src/engine/gncOrder.c: gncOrderEqual
src/engine/gnc-commodity.c: gnc_commodity_table_equal

src/engine/SX-ttinfo.c: gnc_ttsplitinfo_set_credit_formula_numeric
src/engine/SX-ttinfo.c: gnc_ttsplitinfo_set_debit_formula_numeric
are from me and are needed to fix the still-existing bug about the SX  
formula which is locale dependent (meaning if you entered an amount  
"1.23" in a locale with decimal point as the decimal separator, it  
won't work if you switch to a locale with a comma as the decimal  
separator). Those functions are the first of several steps to fix  
that. However, to be honest I'm not at all working on this anymore.

The app-utils ones should be checked for usage from Scheme (such as  
the gnc_is_euro_currency_code), but if they are unused in *our* Scheme  
code, all of them can be removed in trunk.

The gnome-utils ones can be removed. However, the file  
src/gnome-utils/gnc-tree-view-owner.c is probably still being worked  
on by Geert, but he will speak up for himself shortly I guess.



Zitat von John Ralls <jralls at>:
>> With a generous dose of grep and some perl, I've compiled some  
>> lists of unused functions. I've commented them out in the code and  
>> gotten a successful "make check". The one thing I can't do is know  
>> what's part of somebody's work-in-progress. I don't think any of  
>> these functions are new, but please look through the lists and let  
>> me know if I shouldn't remove any of them.

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